Offbeat Places in Leh Ladakh that are secretly Calling You.

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One of the famous places across the globe, Leh Ladakh is no doubt a paradise of heaven and a famous tourist attraction ideal for backpackers, bikers and every enthusiast traveler. Garnering tourists from all walks of life, Leh Ladakh is a spectacular piece of nature with stunning backdrop. Leh Ladakh tour exhibits utmost charisma of nature and serenity that you won’t be able to find anywhere else in the world. The population of Indo-Aryan and Tibetans dwelling in this scenic place is what makes it more interesting and amazing tourist destination for every kind of traveler. From breathtaking attractions to friendly people, Leh Ladakh has lot in store for the visitors. Looking at the picturesque curves and awe stunning places, this journey to the land of high passes can be worth the while that will allow you to explore the unrealistic side of nature and place.

When we talk about Leh Ladakh, we often discuss about the famous attractions that resides in the place and not about what is hidden in this surreal land of beauty. In search of one precious gem, we tend to forget about the rest and explore those places that are well known among the people. Apart from some of the famous attractions in Leh Ladakh, there are certainly many other places that are left undiscovered by the travelers. It is in these small and unknown places lies the true charm of Leh Ladakh that should not be missed on your Leh Ladakh holiday tour. Let’s check out some of the offbeat places to visit in Leh Ladakh that will sure make your Leh Ladakh trip memorable.


Turtuk -
Turtuk –

Commonly known as the land of the apricots, Turtuk in Ladakh region is a farming village that lies close to the Siachen glacier. If you want to be away from the crowd, it is one of the best offbeat places to visit in Leh Ladakh amidst the scenic nature and backdrop. To add more fun to your tour, you can choose to trek to Turtuk village from the nearby village like Hundar that will allow you to explore some of the offbeat places in Leh Ladakh. Be it the sweet smelling apricots, beautiful wheat farms and the pretty smiling faces, you can experiences at this offbeat place in Ladakh that is sure to soothe your heart and soul.


Uleytokpo -
Uleytokpo –

 One of the beautiful and stunning camping bases in Ladakh, Uleytokpo lies on the Indus River offering breathtaking view of the nature around. This offbeat place in Ladakh is known for its calm and quietness and is the best place for travelers who are looking some time away from the bustling city. The only sound that you can hear in this quaint place is the constant murmuring of the river and the chirping of the birds that takes place occasionally. You can find many accomodation options which are easily available both in tents and cottages. Head to visit the nearby attractions like Lamayuru and Yundrung monastery which is an interesting place to visit in Leh Ladakh.


Basgo -
Basgo –

The village of Basgo was once a wealthy town that was known to serve as the capital of the Kings of Ladakh. Also known as the land of ancient ruins, the town is nestled roughly 36 km from Leh and is one of the offbeat places to visit in Ladakh. The only place where you can visit around is a monastery and 15th century surreal palace that is situated on a steep hill.  Inside the monastery you can see wall paintings and copper statues that portray the incidents from the life of Lord Buddha. The palace and monastery both showcases stunning views of the secluded village which should not be missed while on your tour to Leh Ladakh.

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